The blockchain world can be confusing sometimes. There is no arguing that blockchain — technologically speaking — is the future in many domains.

But how do we get there, and how does one overcome the hurdles of anonymity, identification, different wallets, and assets scattered across different networks??

This is where ONINO enters the room. The team around ONINO, a german company with three renowned founders and a team of advisors with impressive track records, aims to deliver the solution for this and many other aspects.

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Coming from the Shiba Inu & Doge Family, Bitshiba tokens are an innovative, community-owned digital currency. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and meme coin designed for community usage. It allows investors to stake, farm, and buy next-generation NFTs.

Why Bitshiba?

Model of DAO Governance

The DAO acronym stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. Decentralised means there is no central authority, autonomous means the authority is retained by members, and organisational means there are several members. Essentially, DAOs are a group of individuals who control an organisation’s operations as a whole without a need for a strong hierarchy. Each DAO member controls its organisation through proposals, for which all members vote by holding governance tokens. By using a DAO model, Bitshiba creates a token that is community-owned. It guarantees investors that their investments will be managed fairly and transparently.

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Through social networks and the internet, like-minded individuals are now able to communicate, no matter where they are located. The availability of digitally native money and finance has allowed a large number of individuals to coordinate around the capital as well as communicate with each other. These networks are unbound by geographical boundaries and can be formed on a massive scale or with a smaller group of select participants.

Imagine a team of crypto-minded individuals from across the globe establishing rules and making decisions independently, even though they have never met. This is what Fren is all about. The goal of FREN is to unite and add utility to the communities of NFTs and meme coins. By implementing FREN tokens within the community, socialisation is encouraged.

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Platinum Crypto Academy

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