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Tokenizing Digital Assets

How do Tokenized Assets Work?

Why Asset tokenization

  • No geographical barrier to investing — An investor in any part of the world can invest in an asset in a completely different continent, within seconds and without leaving their country.
  • Eliminating middlemen -Middlemen brokers usually slow down the process of investing as well as making it expensive.
  • Low investment risks — tokenization allows investors to diversify their investments. Hence lowering risks.
  • Improved liquidity of high value assets — tokenization allows fractional ownership of massive assets as well as an easy way for cashing out.

Benefits of Tokenized Assets

  • Divisibility — A large asset is partitioned into convenient divisions to make them easily accessible to small scale investors.
  • Immutability — blockchains are immutable and for this reason, a good platform for staking investment contracts.
  • Cost effectiveness — elimination of middlemen who sometimes charge high fees and are only limited to investors with accreditation.
  • Transparency — ownership of tokens is transparent, straightforward and clear.

The Checklist for Tokenizing an Asset

  • Equity/Cash Flow — Determine whether revenue generation from your token will be on the basis of profit sharing or giving equity.
  • Find legal services to guide with compliance
  • Build your offering, PR, advertising and all the necessary documentation for a successful token launch.

Introducing Sologenic: A Platform for On Demand Tokenized Assets

What are the Five Components of the Sologenic Ecosystem?

  1. CoinField Platform
  2. Open SDK Suit
  3. Brokerage Gateway
  4. XRP Ledger
  5. XRP Native DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Why We Choose XRP Ledger

  • Fast and Reliable Algorithm — Ripple designed the XRP Ledger algorithm to process transactions within 4–5 seconds. The throughput is a remarkable 1,500 transactions per second.
  • Censorship Resistant — No party censors/decides which transactions are to take place first or second. Hence no third party infiltration of transactions.
  • Secure and Adaptable Cryptography — The XRP Ledger supports modern standards of cryptography such as the Industry standard digital signature system (ECDSA).
  • Responsible Software Governance — Ripple continues to improve the underlying software for its products. Hence, acts as major steward for governing implementation of its software.
  • Smart Contract Features — Features such as Checks, Escrow and Payment Channels offer edge support for financial applications.




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