Bitcoin Dominance Increasing: The Impact On Altcoins

What is Bitcoin Dominance?

Will Altcoin season ever return?

Why are Altcoins not pumping?

Low Trading Volumes

Cryptocurrency Vitality

Bitcoin Dominance

Should you hold BTC or diversify into Altcoins

  • Of all the coins in the Crypto space that is over 1600, bitcoin is the most valuable and traded coin. This is because of its widespread adoption by different companies globally.
  • It is the safest coin to invest in. This attribute comes with the fact that it was the first Cryptocurrency to be invented and that it has dominated the Crypto market. Besides, many exchanges deal in bitcoin compared to other Altcoins.
  • Bitcoin has proven to be a reliable Cryptocurrency over the ten years it has been around. It has a promising future, and the earlier one invests the better.



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