Funganomics, a gaming and NFT platform, has announced the closing of its first round of investment from a private sale. They haven’t named the specific investors who took part in the private sale. This investment will be crucial in helping this platform scale and achieve its targets for the year.

The company said that the investment will be used to scale up on staff, procure for additional software technology and also upgrade its hardware infrastructure. The CEO and Founder of the company, Jeremy Roberts, said:

“We are strategically placed to take NFTs to the next level by providing a wide variety of services for our target market. Initially, we were bootstrapping and funding the project ourselves. However, having a strategic partner catapults our growth and drives us closer to achieving our overall objectives. So far, we have managed to attain several milestones. This fresh injection of capital and knowledge will propel us to take advantage of the rising opportunities in NFT and the overall blockchain ecosystem.”

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