How Blockchain is Changing Sports

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Many a time, sports fans yearn for a deeper connection with their sporting idols. However, this is rarely attained. What usually happens is that the fans are forced to jump from one news site to another as they gather titbits of information about their favourite personalities.


In the event of one sided news stories covering an event or incident that a sporting personality engaged in, the fans rarely get to hear directly from the sporting idol on what actually transpired. This vacuum is usually filled with speculation, theories and heresies that may at times damage the reputation of an idol

Most fans adore their sporting idols and will go to great lengths to prove this. However this relationship is usually one-sided and there is little that an idol can do to reciprocate this love save for an occasional thank you, limited autograph signing and “blowing kisses’ when meeting fans. Real compensation and rewards for the fans are missing.



Imagine travelling to a different city to cheer your team and when you get to the stadium entrance, you are denied entry and told your ticket is fake. Sports fans often travel from one city to cheer their favourite teams. When this happens, they can buy tickets either online or from offline vendors. This has created an industry for brokers who buy the tickets directly from the providers and then scalp these tickets to the fans. In some instances, the tickets being sold may be fake or not even be released on time for the event. With Blockchain technology, ticket providers can rely on smart contracts to release the tickets on time to the fans so they can travel and view the matches live. Blockchain technology can also be used to track the tickets from their source, thus flagging any fake tickets.

Fan Engagement

Teams can leverage on Blockchain technology and have fans invest in them for a slice of their profits once they grow. The fans can do this through the use of smart contracts. What the teams have to do is to organise for a token sale and their die-hard fans will go ahead and purchase these tokens and own part of these teams. The teams can also organise for rewards and compensations to the fans through the use of Blockchain technology. For example, teams can compensate, though some metric, their most outspoken fans.

Injury prevention

In sports an injury could mean the end of a once illustrious career. Using Blockchain technology, it may be possible to insure against this. Here is a good illustration: When a rising start is in the minor leagues, Blockchain technology can be used to invest in them and “own “a part of them, say 20% of them. Once they rise into the major leagues and are earning millions every year, then they can pay part of this to the other shareholders. If they get injured while they are still in the minor leagues, with little or no financial muscle to seek the best medical assistance, then their careers may be over.


Blockchain technology may be used in processing speedy payments in the e-sports industry. It can also be a useful technology in promoting peer to peer gaming as smart contracts can process and disburse payments fast and automatically Players in the e-sport industry can also purchase teams and other players using tokens.


IQONIQ is a new fan engagement platform that is using Blockchain technology in sports to build a more purposeful, more rewarding and more personal experience for fans, sporting idols and corporate partners.

In a world that is now more connected than ever, the platform creates a more personal experience for the fans by helping them get daily insight and information about their sports idols. Users can also connect with fellow fans across the globe and take part in exclusive online games as they interact with their idols.

IQONIQ also focuses on providing a rewarding experience for fans, offering a loyalty programme, special offers on merchandise and tickets, and the opportunity to win prizes such as exclusive experiences and financial rewards.

You can also help your idol in furthering their social causes by contributing and being part of their campaigns as a fan.

E sports — Dream Team

E sports — Dream Team is a Blockchain powered e-sports application that acts as an infrastructure and payment gateway for e-sports. The platform helps bring all e-sports stakeholders under one roof and enable them to effectively communicate and coordinate with each other. It also provides an opportunity for amateurs to become professionals. The platform also executes smart contract technology that enables automatic payments of prize money and rewards.

Travel and Ticket Sales — Blockparty

Travel and Ticket Sales — Blockparty is a platform that leads in this space. The platform helps in selling tickets for concerts and events around the world using Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The tickets are sold and records stored through the application of Blockchain technology. So, in the event that you get a ticket from them or from one of their vendors, you can track it and get to know its source.

Data Sharing — Lympo

Data Sharing — Lympo is a Blockchain based platform that enables encrypted data sharing through wearable. The data collected can be useful for sporting enthusiasts and teams that may want to track the performance of their top athletes and also encrypt it on the Blockchain.




More Personal Fan Experience: Sports fans are expected to collect the content they desire on multiple platforms, with communication expected to flow in only one direction: from the star to the fan. IQONIQ unites all the content from stars on one platform, adding unique opportunities for fans to enter a two-way relationship with stars and fellow fans. This includes exclusive features for direct engagement, exclusive content, broadcasting options tailored to your desires, and in-app games to win prizes.

More Rewarding Fan Experience: Fans in the sports and entertainment world are some of the most committed in the world. Often, they sacrifice a lot of time and money into supporting their stars, without receiving much in return. IQONIQ enables stars to give something back to their most loyal and devoted followers, with a range of exclusive features, including a purpose-built loyalty programme and membership scheme, special offers of merchandise and tickets, and the opportunities to win exclusive VIP experiences — all based on the level of commitment you show.

More Purposeful Fan Experience: Sports and entertainment have a unique ability to unify and promote social change. To do more than entertain but also influence the world for the better. IQONIQ recognises this and has its bigger purpose deeply enrooted in supporting good causes, by enabling fans, stars and brands to give something back to society and promote a better world in an open and transparent manner. With IQONIQ, sports idols and fans can support and promote their causes, diving long-lasting change together with their community.


With IQONIQ’s all-in-one solution, fans get the experience they deserve. They save time going from platform to platform to get the most relevant content, they receive practical benefits to mirror their commitment, and they are able to easily contribute to a range of good causes.


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