Applied blockchain technology is only seen in a few well-established crypto companies recently utilising blockchain technology has gained prominence among businesses, consumers, and other investors since 2017. One such crypto projects that businesses can consider investing in is the ATROMG8. Also referred to as the ATROM, the ATROMG8 crypto coins have been divided into 100,000,000 units of BETROM.

It is an ecosystem built and designed based on advanced software that was created from numerous open-source projects of the previous decades as well as a decentralized transactional platform.

The ecosystem has been designed to support education, digital environment, payment, communication, gig economy, and more while extending privacy and security.

ATROMG8 serves as an innovative multi-DLT Blockchain-based system, powered by the latest MixNet 5.0. The project is gradually carving its own niche within the crypto sector. The system is designed to operate as a secured network where companies and people across multiple categories can communicate, work as well as exchange values. This means that user decides who will get their data and the manner in which it can be used.

Besides, the metadata, as well as the messenger products, remain hidden from ATROMG8 or other participants. It can’t be recorded or requested since it does not get stored anywhere as well as functions on the decentralized server-based systems. To be able to provide a comprehensive range of services to its users, ATROMG8 has partnered with numerous service providers such as trading platforms, banks, and crypto exchanges. In doing the same, ATROMG8 ensures it chooses only licensed and legally compliant service providers.


The decision of using cryptocurrency is slightly involved in a business organization in comparison to an individual. This is because there are many business assets and people involved. A growing number of businesses are turning to cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, as they have begun to realize the many benefits it provides with regard to cost, security, and speed.

Today, businesses have also become conscious about the fact that it is important to keep abreast of the latest technologies, particularly the ones that can improve how they operate while providing customers an increased number of payment options.

Businesses that rely on cryptocurrencies for payment methods can save their transaction or banking costs. Remember, the banking costs are traditionally severe and can create a huge dent in the business profits. Given that cryptocurrency-based platforms are decentralized, and there aren’t any governmental or regulatory authorities to manage it, no amount of fee collection takes place, thus resulting in huge annual savings for the businesses.

Apart from this, with the use of cryptocurrencies like ATROMG8 that have applied blockchain technology, businesses can ensure fast transaction times and improved customer services. This further helps businesses to better manage their finances and avoid frauds as well as chargebacks.

With the advent of the coronavirus led pandemic, one thing has become quite apparent that the world requires more digital solutions that have applied blockchain, than what was expected earlier. This would help to keep the structures operational as well as help communities to spend time with each other, communicate, and earn funds in a secure and trusted environment.

As per many expert reports, as many as 12 giant ecosystems will come into effect worldwide by 2025, with a $60 trillion turnover. This amounts to almost 30% of the world’s sales volume. The design, type as well as composition of ecosystem shall vary as per their geographical area or location, based on their cultural preferences and regulatory or legal requirements.

Given the scenario, many other ecosystems such as ATROMG8 as well as its partners have emerged to tackle the communication requirements, office/home needs, and education as well as gig economy. The study further clarified that the organizations that give importance to the customers have now become highly valuable organizations worldwide. In fact, 7 out of these 10 giant corporations (in terms of market cap) are ecosystem-based players and include the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Alibaba among others.

ATROMG8 is working to build the future, and the giant corporations will also join them while ensuring data, communication, security, and privacy protection. Makers of the ATROMG8 system think that there are much better ways of treating communities’ information and data in comparison to how it is being currently handled today.

A couple of years ago, there weren’t any industry driven regulations. However, today the landscape has transformed drastically with every nation having its own legislation and regulations for space. In their bid to provide country-based services that are following the latest laws as well as supported by regional authorities, ATROMG8 has applied blockchain technology and complies with the regulations in every region. Hence, organizations and businesses from around the world can develop their own crypto coin, or digital token, as well as products on ATROMG8’s open-source blockchain-based system. All of this takes place as per the regulations applicable in the country, and in a protected and safe environment. Apart from this, the ecosystem’s tech partners provide a wide range of solutions to organizations/businesses that range from complex integrations to simple APIs.

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