(World, Nov 2021), Mirai Labs, the crypto ecosystem that is accelerating the creation of a sustainable world 3.0, announced on Twitter its viral marketing and product plan for the next 6 months called “#mission6”. The most recent partners and business results were mentioned too.

Mirai accelerates the creation of a sustainable world 3.0 by bringing the power of DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and UX to the next generation of sustainable consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, and brands.

“We make Ecology cool. Today, we are experimenting with and incubating projects that are positioning themselves in the new Crypto Decade of Ecommerce and Sustainability. Our purpose is to change the approach to Sustainability and challenge the status quo of the Sustainable Market and the Green Economy.” Says Marco Borgato, CEO & Co-founder of Mirai Labs. “For example, take Save The Future, our first project: with Save The Future, Mirai is bringing eCommerce and Crypto together to help accelerate the adoption of sustainable behaviors/products and boost sustainable brands with their prospective customers. We built a new DeFi protocol and NFT-empowering dropshipping marketplace built around deflationary tokenomics, gamerfied interactivity, sustainability and community.”

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