Investing in cryptocurrencies and decentralized fundraising on crypto launchpads is evolving at such a rapid pace that you’ll want to read this article to get up to speed as well as learn how to get involved with the fastest growing launchpad-turning ecosystem, Starter.

Crypto launchpads are a way for new ventures, or projects, to collect funds while also giving investors early access to token sales. Typically, this results in lower prices for tokens before they reach the market. “Starter” (formerly known as a BSCstarter) is a community-run, decentralized platform for raising funds in a safe, secure and cost-effective manner.

Starter believes societies will have a crucial role to play in resolving many of the world’s problems. They believe that if societies are given the right resources, they will band together and control their destiny. Crypto launchpads empower individuals to reach their full potential through finance. Starter focuses on making an impact on the most exciting and innovative sectors today, using the core values of People, Velocity, and Velour. Starter was built to be a crowdsourcing platform that raises capital for new projects without governmental restrictions and KYC requirements but has evolved to be so much more.

Starter offers a unique experience compared to other launchpads because it is the first community-centered network. The systems are 100% decentralized, with no forms to be submitted or approvals from a central party. Instead, it’s the community who determines which IDOs advance to the funding stage through a seamless voting mechanism found on the Voting tab on their website.

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