Will EOS Overtake Ethereum

Hi Crypto Network,

Today’s blog is a little different than normal, I want all of you to take a moment and look at your portfolio and consider whether with all the tech advances, are you updating and reassigning it according to developments in the market?

One development that’s been widely covered over the past 10 days is the EOS Mainnet Launch.


We all know the founder of Bitshares, Steem, and EOS, is one of the world’s leading tech minds and there has been a lot of talk about why he left Steem’s day-to-day team and transitioned into being the CTO of the company behind EOS.

Many people believe EOS tokens will overtake Ethereum in the near future and more investors have become interested in EOS blockchain investment.

EOS, ETH, Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market is an ever-changing market and before I go into detail I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Platinum Crypto Academy is not only an education company, we are able to assist with portfolio analysis and portfolio management services. If you hold numerous different Cryptocurrencies, the question is are you able to keep track of which ones to buy and sell to return profits? If you are just Hodling and waiting for the next big bull-run, consider how you could be profiting in the highs and lows of this volatile market. Get in touch and we can give you an idea of what you could be doing.

This leads me on to how you can keep your portfolio up to date, as the top 15 coins which were big hitters last year has totally shifted in the last 12 months.


One of the next big shifts could be happening right now, and I would like to demonstrate this to you today.

We all know in a market where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of blockchain applications being built and used on a daily basis, there are two main incumbents that dominate this space.

So how is something like EOS, currently priced at $12.07, better than Ethereum priced at $607 as of writing this article?

Ethereum is currently by far the largest and most successful platform for decentralized applications, more and more DApps are built on this platform. However, the most recent Coin in question is EOS, dubbed ‘Ethereum On Steroids’, which has been continuously mentioned and so that is the crypto that I will be talking to you about today.

So, keeping in mind the view of keeping your portfolio current and recent, I would like to present how the market has not only shifted significantly regarding technical advances, but how it’s almost as if the second generation of cryptos is here.

EOS is one of many, but for the sake of this discussion EOS is an application platform, not an application. Unlike some of the generation 1 cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, EOS allows anyone to write code and publish it to the blockchain, that code will then run on the blockchain without needing to ask for permission. Analogically, Ethereum is like a micro-controller, and EOS is like an operating system running on a multi-core processor.

Answering the current topical question of Crypto scalability: EOS is bringing the ability to run multiple tasks at once, which is an incredible differential feature for the blockchain industry.


Another core update for the so-called next generation of cryptos is whereas Bitcoin and Ethereum are costly and hard to use for users, EOS is much more user-friendly, and costs nothing to use. EOS has user-friendly account names, and ZERO transaction fees just like STEEM.


EOS’ transactions are confirmed in a half of a second, whereas Ethereum and Bitcoin can take minutes and even hours, especially when congestion hits their networks. Ethereum can only handle 20 transactions per second and Bitcoin can only handle 2–3 transactions per second. EOS, using inspiration from STEEM, will significantly improve on these figures. STEEM can already handle 1–2000 transactions per second.

ETH update may also bring ETH back in contention, but the key question here is updating something as good as having something built for a purpose?

In conclusion, if you are trading cryptos or hodling cryptos, you may need to consider the next generation of cryptos in your portfolio if you want to make continued long-term and short-term profits, with that in mind I would like to invite you to a free portfolio analysis consultation to explore exactly the profits that can be made!



Platinum Crypto Academy is here to support traders of all levels, so if you need some advice on your portfolio, or if you’re just looking to get started in cryptos, we are here to help. If you haven’t heard much about cryptocurrencies, here’s the brief version from an investing point of view. Over the last 18 months, the cryptocurrency market was the single highest rising market in the world.

It beats out Gold, Silver, Aim stocks, the FTSE, anything you can name. It out-performed small caps by 80 times! How and why this happened, and why even this enormous growth could be DWARFED over the next 2–5 years? Spend some time with a Platinum Crypto Trader and you will see just what is possible.

If you’ve booked your session above, we look forward to speaking to you soon!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed today’s article. Thanks for reading!

Have a fantastic day!

Richard Baker

Live from the Platinum Crypto Trading Floor.



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